Bueno, ya está... ya está aquí, ya lo han lanzado, así... sin más, sin previo aviso...

Con el nuevo parche v2.8.1.34437, Eagle Dynamics ha lanzado la tercera gran actualización del Ka 50 Black Shark.

Para aquellos que ya tengamos DCS: Black Shark 2, podemos actualizar a DCS: Black Shark 3 por solo $9.99 USD hasta mediados de marzo de 2023. A partir de entonces, el precio de  la actualización aumentará a $19.99 USD. El precio total de este módulo es de $69.99 USD.

Además de la actualización, este parche incluye una gran cantidad de mejoras y correcciones... y algunos anuncios interesantes.

Os dejo aquí el listado de los cambios:

The main goal is to give the already well-known Ka-50 attack helicopter new features which expand the gameplay.

Key features:

  • A Missile Warning System for warning about the launch of missiles at a helicopter has been developed.
  • The possibility of using Air-to-Air Igla missiles has been implemented.
  • A realistic model of an Inertial Navigation System has been developed, which has the properties of a real one: it requires alignment before the flight and accumulates an error. The error of INS coordinates can be fixed in flight by previously assigned landmarks as fixpoints.
  • New, more accurate and detailed 3D helicopter model using modern technologies and materials.

Introduced new campaign:

  • DCS: F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion II Campaign by Badger633

DCS World

  • Fixed: AI F-14B doesn't seem to use LANTIRN pod.
  • Weapons. AIM-120: fixed several issues(oscillations when acquiring target, HOJ tail-chase twitching), improved performance against barrel rolling and high-off boresight targets
  • Weapons. Fixed: SA missiles pass through tree trunks.
  • Weapons. Fixed: M257 illumination flare’s animation.
  • Weapons. Fixed: incorrect launch sequence of S-25-O rockets (correct: 1 rocket per release button press).
  • Weapons. Fixed: detonation of 9M127 Vikhr in front of the target without causing damage.
  • Weapons. DCS crash after CBU-97 released from F-16 - fixed.
  • CTD. The GetDevice function does not work correctly if you call it when there is no plane / helicopter yet - fixed.
  • SH-60 has lost part of its textures - fixed.
  • ME. Fixed background color in text box. Change size and position widgets.
  • Weapons. Altitude and target speed strongly affect GBU-10/12/16 precision - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-62. RAT propeller spins in opposite direction - fixed.
  • Weapons. Harpoon able to hit ground targets on land in R/BL - fixed.
  • Weapons. AGM-84D Harpoon does not self-destruct past set distance -fixed.
  • AWACS. Multiple AWACS messages spam - corrected.
  • AI Aircraft. A-10 does not attack player's Ka-50 - fixed.
  • New. Added keyboard response to in-game ESC menu.
  • New. Graphics. Added bloom effect to night vision devices.
  • Signal flares ignore the bearing value set in the mission editor (they always point at North) - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft. When a bomber that is part of Big Formations is damaged, and can no longer keep up with the formation, the whole formation slows to allow them to catch up. Now the leader will ignore such wingmen.
  • AI Aircraft. AV-8B. Hovering over the deck for too long after takeoff - fixed.
  • AI Aircraft of the carrier. The AI currently climbs ahead, then at 7 DME turns back downwind sharp, flies to where he launched, behind the current position of the boat and then flies to its next WP - fixed.
  • Weapons. The SAM Rapier missile trajectory is a bit elevated to eliminate crash to ground with low-level target.
  • Ai Aircraft. Corrected CH-53 collision model.
  • Fixed: Stop Condition "Time More" is broken.
  • Fixed: SSE - Event.dead not called if an object isn't immediately dead.
  • Fixed: The column moves off the road and aligns into a "line" after the "stop" command.
  • Fixed: SON-9 refusing to track and guide KS-19 fire to target when Moonlight is lower than half-moon.
  • Fixed: Vehicles drive through or onto some types of buildings and then get stuck.
  • Added IR-effects for old models (Ural-375, ZiL-APA80 etc.)

DCS: F-16C Viper by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added LADD bombing mode. Instruction video.
  • Fixed: CCRP loft that would result in bombs landing short.
  • Time-to-release display accuracy adjustments.
  • Fixed: Unable to ripple 2 Mavericks when LAU-88 launcher is used.
  • HTS/HAD - added additional information to the user manual.
  • Fixed: The RWR gave '15' for both F-15 and SA-15 contacts. The F-15 will now have a “hat” over it.
  • Fixed: RWS Datalink contact remains on HSD after the track is dropped or destroyed.
  • Fixed: CBU-97 submunitions falling short.
  • Fixed: Incorrect AIFF behavior when player is on RED coalition.
  • Fixed: Maverick boresight has no errors if boresight is incorrect.
  • Fixed: Maverick boresighting on ground - no GND JETT ENABLE, no MASTER ARM SIM.
  • Fixed: Can no longer cycle modes if MAV FOV has been changed for all Mavericks.
  • Fixed: Cycling (Normal/MRM/Dogfight) modes would drop the TGP A-A track.
  • Fixed: RADAR does not keep up with locked targets during close range engagements. This would result in the TD box lagging behind the locked target.
  • Fixed: FCR would show double symbols on bugged targets.
  • Fixed: Incorrect offset aimpoint behavior when OA is slewed.
  • Fixed: Removed Priority Mode toggle when switching Search modes and reduced the number of priority targets from 6 to 5.
  • Fixed: Early Access Guide - Removed EWR codes from page 316.
  • Fixed: Caucasus - updated clouds for the Free Flight instant action mission.
  • Fixed: The HUD MAN reticle should be visible regardless of MAN bombing mode.
  • Fixed: Aircraft polygon mesh errors.
  • Fixed: GBU-24 selected in Single would instead drop in Pairs.
  • Fixed: Datalink FCR declutter would incorrectly remove "bricks".
  • AA EXP position over target adjusted to center correctly.
  • Fixed: TGP not cueing to SPI when using the HTS HARM modes.
  • Fixed: INS Fix issue with the HUD with no GPS available.
  • Fixed: HSD symbology freezes when Wingman switches to AG.
  • Fixed: ECM system locks radar even when set to Standby.
  • Fixed: FCR image size and radar sweeps not working in EXP, DBS1 or DBS2.
  • Fixed: CBU-97 CCRP DLZ.
  • Fixed: DTT Swap description on page 144.

Coming after this update: In addition to bug fixes, other ongoing work on the Viper includes a new pilot model, radar improvements, tail hook and alternate gear handle, ALR-56M improvements, DTC, and new fuzes/logic.

DCS: AH-64D by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added Multi-Target Tracker ( so far without synchronization for multi-crew W.I.P ). Instruction video.
  • Added Performance Page (W.I.P). Instruction video.
  • Fixed: Incorrect SAS Tones and Hold behavior.
  • Added Pilot and CP/G first person view models with animations.
  • Added new voice messages for George as Pilot and CP/G.
  • Added main gears collapse into the fuselage after hard landing.
  • Added new livery Korea Air Force, Egypt Air Force and Israeli AH-64D livery created by ZedTank.
  • livery update: Grim Reapers 4-2 ARB Devils 1-1 ARB.
  • Fixed: Desync ACQ TRN after CP/G`s detach and attach again.
  • Fixed; ALT-H activation conditions are not met.
  • Fixed: FMC channels not synced on CP/G join - MP.
  • Fixed: Can not create waypoints after CP/G exits.
  • Fixed: Unable to store targets in multiplayer.
  • Fixed: Range source switching back to laser range when Sight changed from HMD to TADS.
  • Fixed: Exported TEDAC creates a double image on the TEDAC in the cockpit.
  • Fixed: Jettison not synced between cockpits.
  • Fixed: Point deletion desync.
  • Fixed: Switching to the CP/G seat after setting attitude hold in pilot seat issue.
  • Fixed: Some ground units did not heat up in FLIR mode.

Coming after this update: In addition to bug fixes, other ongoing work on the AH-64D includes improvements to the external model, AGM-114L, COMM and DATALINK for Longbow Net support, flight model and SCAS improvements, improved IR signature, and “Robbie” fuel tank option.

DCS: F/A-18C Hornet by Eagle Dynamics

  • Improvement Speed Gate for RWS based on NORM and WIDE target radial velocities.
  • Fixed: NCTR ownship identifying Neutrals as hostile
  • Fixed: Radar raw hits (bricks) do not show up until the trackfile is built when there is a Link 16 contribution.
  • Fixed: Ground designation symbol stuck or absent on the HSI and SA pages.
  • Fixed: SEA RADAR locked target not showing correct location on the HSI.
  • Fixed: Radar was still tracking some types of AAM's.
  • Fixed: HACQ/LHACQ lock would lag behind the true location of the locked target.
  • Fixed: HOME FUEL should be reset when landing gear is cycled down to up.

Coming after this update: In addition to bug fixes, other ongoing work on the Hornet includes a new pilot model, radar performance improvements, improving the flight model and flight control system, and new fuzes/logic.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind by Eagle Dynamics

  • Added: Engine surge effect due to gas dynamic instability after rockets launch gasses ingestion in engine intakes at low speeds. Effect is dynamic, but generally take as a rule that unguided rockets launch is safe at speeds more than 110 Kph and depend on rocket type and salvo amount
  • Added: Petrovich AI now monitor space outside, if not busy with ocular sight, and warn about incoming fire or missile launches that are heading towards your aircraft, Petrovich also will press countermeasures dispense button.
  • Added: Quick Start missions were added for NTTR and Caucasus
  • Improved: Petrovich AI won't go through ATGM launch routine and distance reckoning if there are no more ATGMs left or loaded.
  • Improved: Weapon system circuits logic was reviewed and improved according to electrical schemes and weapons peculiarities. This will affect weapons compatibilities with each other in a single loadout. Please refer to the quick start manual supplement pages for compatibility matrix available here.
  • Improved: Weapons rearming panel racks numbering changed to intuitively reflect same weapons racks numbering you can find in cockpit
  • Improved: Reference picture for weapons rearming panel updated
  • Fixed: Explosion on jettison switch has no effect
  • Fixed: CPG Input, some joystick binds were blocked
  • Fixed: Petrovich AI voice is cut off when the AI menu is turned off
  • Fixed: Machine gun and gunner weight and drag taken into account for FM
  • Fixed: Added reference dash to magnetic compass Ki-13

DCS: Supercarrier by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: IFLOLS Helper disappears if aircraft has drifted right of lineup.
  • Fixed: AI aircraft jitter right after takeoff.

DCS: F-5E Tiger II by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: TACAN frequency left knob click-and-drag control is bugged


  • New Historically accurate Belt Options
  • New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, incendiary, .50 cal, M1
  • New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, tracer, .50 cal, M1
  • Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Headrest & Seat Back Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Instrument Panel Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Firewall Value adjusted


  • New Historically accurate Belt Options
  • New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, incendiary, .50 cal, M1
  • New .50 Cal round: CARTRIDGE, tracer, .50 cal, M1
  • Damage Model: Rear Armor Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Instrument Panel Value adjusted

DCS Fw 190A-8

  • Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Headrest Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Seat Armor Value adjusted
  • AB250 / AB500 disperse pattern incorrect for high-altitude (Submunition Fusing still WIP)

DCS Fw 190D-9

  • Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Headrest Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Seat Armor Value adjusted

DCS Bf 109K-4

  • The new cooling system model is integrated
  • Damage Model: Seat Armor Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Armor Glass Value adjusted

DCS Spitfire LF Mk. IX

  • The new cooling system model is integrated
  • Damage Model: Headrest Armor Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Body/bottom Armor Value adjusted
  • Damage Model: Bullet Proof windscreen Value adjusted

DCS Yak-52

  • The new cooling system model is integrated

DCS NS 430

  • Fixed missing terrain data

DCS AV-8B N/A by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed: Corrected VSTOL HUD pitch caret to move with pitch ladder
  • Fixed: Corrected VSTOL HUD to have proper caged behavior
  • Fixed: Corrected HUD steerpoint caret now properly wind corrected
  • Fixed: ACP now shows correct fuzing mode
  • Fixed: AOA HUD indicator now shown correctly in half increments
  • Fixed: VSTOL HUD sideslip indicator now correctly displayed and positioned
  • Fixed: VSTOL HUD added missing "C" symbol for gear centred in sideslip indicator
  • Fixed: Radalt on HUD should show a minimum of 10ft
  • Fixed: "C" in VSTOL HUD sideslip should only show for gear down
  • Fixed: HUD should show gear CTR when going up
  • Fixed: HUD should show gear CAST or NWS when going down depending on anti-skid switch position
  • Fixed: Waypoints and target points becoming mixed after changing selection with QA.
  • Fixed: QA not switching to TGPT when T0 does not exist.
  • Fixed: Targetpoints not cycling when T0 does not exist.
  • Fixed: Cannot enter Target points when the current steerpoint is W0
  • Added: Joystick axis binds for Comms volume and UFC brightness.
  • Updated: Rockets loadouts in instant and training missions.

DCS M-2000C by RAZBAM Simulations

  • Fixed : Air refuel never ends with dropped tanks
  • Fixed : Missing switch sounds
  • Fixed : Master caution reset button not moving (binds are reset)
  • Fixed : Autopilot buttons animations stuck (binds are reset)
  • Fixed : Magic/Radar lock merge (triangle) wrong if radar in memory mode
  • Fixed : INS still positioning after total failure
  • Fixed : VTB showing tactical waypoints after INS total failure
  • Fixed : AP staying connected after INS total failure
  • Fixed : Wrong IDN flags
  • Added : TAF mission scripting arguments
  • Added : Ground power unit sound
  • Improved : Flight model yaw behavior
  • Improved : Rudder authority curves
  • Improved : New engine sounds
  • Improved : DEFA 554 sounds
  • Updated : AP does not disable pedals
  • Updated : NCTR code for Mi-24 fixed and added Mirage F1

DCS MiG-21bis by Magnitude 3

  • Fixed blinking canopy glass during rainy weather.
  • Fixed warning light electrical operation.
  • Fixed Loading Screen and Briefing backgrounds from not properly showing.
  • Adjusted Cockpit 3D file and Livery folder names.
    • NOTE: Users with custom liveries will need to move them to the new location
    • …\Mods\aircraft\MiG-21bis\Liveries\Cockpit_MiG-21bis

DCS JF-17 by Deka Ironwork Simulations

  • Added: Flight Manual CN (EN version is under translation)
  • Added: may out of consciousness due to high speed airstream (>850 km/h) on face after canopy lost
  • Updated: cockpit texture and light
  • Updated: ejection through canopy now
  • Fixed: crash if DCS installation path has CJK characters
  • Fixed: S1 Fwd should toggle gun selection once in DGFT mode
  • Fixed: chute should not be deployed if gear is retracted
  • Fixed: compressed air refill
  • Fixed: some input binding

DCS MB-339 by IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations

  • Improved tip tank textures for Ghana, Malaysia, Peru, UAE liveries
  • Improved external 3D model UV Mapping
  • Improved static force and damping for nosewheel (this issue still monitored and under investigation with ED Team, please report any occurrence)
  • Improved ME customizations page for better readability:
    • Fixed: Pilot Equipment selection list
    • Added: Aircraft Variant selection to choose between external model MLU/Pre-MLU
    • Added: checkbox to store apart the Gun Camera of the gunsight (Guncamera feature still WIP)
    • Added: options changes are visible and updated in payload editor
  • Removed reflective texture when mirrors are closed (as suggested by the Community)
  • Reduced FFB intensity when the landing gear is down
  • Flight Manual Updates
    • Updated mission editor special menu section
    • Added gunsight depression tables (thanks to Giaco1)
  • Added gunsight depression tables to Kneeboard
  • Added G structural overload sound effect
  • Added possibility to partialize the airbrake position (see the following para)
  • Added the following keybindings
    • Airbrake Extend
    • Airbrake Retract
    • Toggle Emerg Landing Gear
    • Toggle Fuze SAFE -> NOSE/TAIL
    • Toggle Fuze SAFE -> TAIL ONLY
    • Weapons Jettison
    • Toggle Master Arm Switch
    • Selective Jettison Button
    • Lock/Unlock Flight Controls
    • Toggle SEQUENCE Single/Ripple
    • Toggle Station 1
    • Toggle Station 2
    • Toggle Station 3
    • Toggle Station 4
    • Toggle Station 5
    • Toggle Station 6
    • Toggle Front Seat Fuel Dump
    • Toggle Rear Seat Fuel Dump
    • Engine Start
    • Toggle Front Seat Anti-Skid System
    • Toggle Rear Seat Anti-Skid System
    • Toggle Fuel Transfer Switch
    • Toggle Front Seat Fuel Shut Off Switch
    • Toggle Rear Seat Fuel Shut Off Switch
    • Toggle AHR/GPS On/Off
    • Toggle Anti Ice Engine Switch
    • Toggle Front Seat Pitot Anti-Ice Switch
    • Toggle Rear Seat Pitot Anti-Ice Switch
    • Toggle Windshield Demist Switch
    • Toggle Rain RMLV Switch
    • Toggle Master Arm Inib Switch
    • Toggle Beacon light switch
    • Toggle Flash/Steady Nav Light switch
    • Toggle Nav Light Brt/Off switch
    • Toggle Nav Light Dimm/Off switch
    • Toggle Taxi Light On/Off Switch
    • Toggle Landing Light On/Off Switch
  • Fixed: Smoke lights are visible on MB-339A when the gunsight is not installed
  • Fixed: TACAN MODE knob position of rear seat
  • Fixed: Flaps does not have collision model
  • Fixed: Formation lights are not visible on Tip Tanks for the following liveries: Gray Italian Air Force, Frecce Tricolori, Al Fursan
  • Fixed: Lost damage arguments for main gear vanes are now correctly linked
  • Fixed: Canopy severance handle and frame opening handle passing through blind hood on the external model
  • Fixed: AM(Malaysia) preset payload wrongly loading LR-25 instead of LAU-3
  • Fixed: AP(Peru') missing payload preset
  • Fixed: TipTanks are now correctly removed from the model in payload window
  • Fixed: Crash on eject when in multicrew
  • Fixed: Rear Seat ICS Initialization
  • Fixed: HSI shows TrueHeading instead of MagneticHeading
  • Fixed: Rear pilot present only from the internal view when "Solo" flight mode is selected
  • Fixed: Easy flyable with one wing
  • Fixed: CDU/RDU shows wrong TTG and GS
  • Fixed: desync preset frequencies set out of range in mission editor
  • Fixed: Rear seat throttle always control the engine in multicrew
  • Fixed: Impossible to communicate with ground crew when the canopy is closed
  • Fixed: Impossible to bind Comm Menu on Hotas
  • Fixed: Instructor Rudder Pedal Animation is Reversed
  • Fixed: Low intensity for warning lights illumination
  • Fixed: Impossible to end the mission 4 of mini-campaign
  • Fixed: Wrong voiceover on training mission for MK82 ripple selection
  • Fixed: A/A training mission blinds the air contacts
  • Fixed: Canopy not locked in auto start procedure
  • Fixed: Long loading times when a mission is launched
  • Fixed: Wrong empty weight value

DCS AJS-37 Viggen by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW: Standard AGM-65 Maverick seeker implemented
    • Able to lock buildings and map structures.
    • Fixed AGM-65’s being unusable after jettison then Re-Arm.
    • Display polarity is now correctly calculated.
    • Default EP-13 sight brightness and contrast adjusted for better visibility
    • Default EP-13 brightness at night or dusk adjusted to avoid melting eyes.
  • NEW: Added “launch” tone detection in RWR: RWR will now detect launch radiation patterns if defined for a given system
  • NEW: Added native PBR textures for almost all exterior textures, improving fidelity and detail and enabling more advanced livery creation.
  • NEW: Simplified and revamped paint kit with newest additions and refinements
  • NEW: Added dynamic tail tactical numbers, can be triggered by setting Argument 850 to 1.0
  • NEW: Added overwing vapour and LERX effects.
  • Adjusted FM performance, chiefly:
    • Adjusted drag at high mach numbers (>~1.2) and altitudes.
    • Full afterburner thrust at high Mach numbers (>~1.2) and altitudes adjusted
    • Overall acceleration slower at high altitudes
  • Corrected afterburner fuel consumption
  • Fixed instances of flight model damage states desyncing with visuals.
  • Default standby altimeter now set to 1013
  • Fixed Radar elevation not being 0 degrees relative to horizon in Terrain Avoidance mode.
  • Fixed Standby KURS indicator being frozen at 180 degrees
  • Changed RB24 guidance time to 0.5s from 2s.
  • Increased RB24 proximity fuse to 9m per SwAF documentation
  • Fixed target points being labelled as navigation points when added on the F10 map.
  • Fixed the afterburner effect clipping and becoming oversized when the engine was stalling.
  • Changed colours for LYSBOMB candles
  • RB-24/74 FM’s now match ED AIM-9.
  • Implemented major corrective pass on exterior artwork, including:
    • Added missing hatches and details on right side of aircraft
    • Smoothed out sharp edge on leading edge of intake
    • Removed some clipping surfaces between interior and exterior of airbrakes
    • Fixed some clipping of objects at wing-root between fuselage and wing-root
    • Centre fuselage fin is now properly centred
    • Fixed shading errors near vertical tail on exterior model
    • Fixed several items clipping through from cockpit to exterior.
    • Removed gap between exhaust vents and fuselage
    • increased canopy glass specular tiling
    • Adjusted AoA probe locations
    • Corrected mirrored "don't step here" decal on intake "strengthener" arm
    • Removed erroneous decals on right side of aircraft
    • Added additional detail to tail RWR area and revamped RWR receiver texture (Thanks Magnus S!)
    • Corrected broken normal map artefacts on inside of aircraft intake
    • Corrected broken polygons and gap just forward of vertical stabiliser
    • Corrected errant tangent basis on all pylon normalmaps
    • Fixed gaps between fuselage and inside of exhaust elements
    • Dithered _T normal to avoid shadow banding
    • Compressed various textures left in .png
    • Removed normal map rendering from LoD2+ for improved performance
    • Rebuilt LoD1 & LoD 2 and adjusted rendering ranges
  • Remastered and revamped bare metal liveries to use PBR textures
  • Temporarily made the “SE-DXN v3” livery simply match the bare metal base livery until re-exported using new Paintkit.

DCS F-14 Tomcat by Heatblur Simulations

  • NEW: Added wheel chocks. By default on for cold starts.
  • Fixed aircraft in place when chocks are active, avoiding deck sliding on carriers.
  • Fixed LANTIRN CTD with 2.8.
  • Added FPS-117 to the RWR threat library.
  • Fixed not all masses contributing correctly to the total mass and balance on each respawn; causing discrepancies in aircraft performance on subsequent flights.
  • Fixed shader definition for far LoD - aircraft will now sample a small part of main aircraft textures for the right colour.
  • Fixed Op Reforger Mission 5 TALDs not working for Pontiac.
  • Updated Quickstart F-14A_IA_NTTR_Zone5 by Reflected Simulations.
  • Added VX-9 XF240 White Whale livery by Isaac. (Thank you!)

DCS Mirage F1 by Aerges

Optical Sight:

  • “ANTENNE” (“ANT” aka “blind shooting”) gunsight mode is implemented.
  • Increased the gunsight accuracy in “GYRO” mode with target range and range rate available.
  • Fixed “GYRO” gunsight mode accuracy with target fixed range of 300 or 600 meters.
  • Updated default values used by the gunsight when CADC or AoA data is unreliable or absent.
  • Attitude reticle will be removed from indication when CADS attitude information is unreliable or absent.

Other fixes and improvements:

  • TACAN lights logic reworked following SME feedback.
  • TRAP-136 radio unit guard receiver computation performance was improved.
  • PA test light button was made operational.
  • Fuel counter now works according to SME description.
  • Adjusted AoA test rate.
  • Countermeasure counters no longer require electricity to reset.
  • Updated startup sequence.

DCS Black Shark 2 by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed crash with export at cockpit initialising.

DCS: UH-1H Huey by Eagle Dynamics

  • Fixed: UHF 1MHz and 50kHz knob controls are inverted
  • Fixed: UHF 10MHz knob controls are inverted
  • Fixed: UHF Volume binds are inverted

DCS: Persian Gulf map by Eagle Dynamics

  • Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the majority of terrain buildings
  • Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the vehicles
  • Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the ships
  • Improvement - Realtime lights technology have been implemented to the billboards
  • Improvement - Night lights at Dubai Free Zone Port
  • Improvement - Destruction model of Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal
  • Fixed - Khasab airfield. Collision during takeoff in some cases
  • Fixed - FLIR textures of terrain objects
  • Fixed - Powerline masts pop into view at very short distance
  • Fixed - Collision of Abu Dhabi International Airport Terminal
  • Fixed - Frequencies on beacons Kish, Lavan island
  • Fixed - terrain traffic pop up from tunnels on the surface in some cases

South Atlantic Map by RAZBAM

  • New - Refinery area Puerto Sara
  • New - Rio Chico Airfield (Helo Port) South Side of Rio Gallegos
  • Added - some custom animated Police cars for both mainland and FK variants with emergency Lighting
  • Added - Ambulances with Emergency Lighting
  • Completed - Refinery Parque Industrial Cabo Negro-Laredo (North of Punta Arenas)
  • Completed - Remaining stragglers for Light migration of assets to 2.8 lighting standard
  • Completed - Rio Gallegos Refinery
  • Improved - Lighting within hangers now cast light into cockpits
  • Improved - Added more models for the Refineries across the map with animated smoke
  • Improved - Map Geo Names for Argentina / Chile
  • Bug - Fixed placement of billboards and lighthouses being sunk into the ground
  • Bug - Fixed Runway Lights replaced with renamed ED versions
  • Bug - Fixed odd ground square discoloured areas around MPA airfield


F/A-18C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag Missions

  • Tweak the triggers to allow breaking the hard deck to happen but at a much reduced pace.

F-5E Aggressors Basic Fighter Maneuvers Campaign by Maple Flag Missions

  • Tweak of triggers to allow breaking the hard deck to happen but at a much reduced pace.

F-15C Aggressors BFM Campaign by Maple Flag Missions

  • Tweak of triggers to allow breaking the hard deck to happen but at a much reduced pace.

DCS: F-14B Operation Sandworm Campaign by Sandman Simulations

  • Mission 5 – Enfield 1 flight did not taxi to catapult - FIXED
  • Missions 6-12 – Mission scoring broken - FIXED

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 02. Updated weather (changed dynamic to static, which looks much better).
    Updated tanker track so there is no chance player enters Iranian airspace.
    Removed tanker directly on the way of the SCG.
  • Mission 09. Added safeguard in case Venom misses zone due to AI pathfinding issues.
  • Mission 14. Fixed issue with aircraft blocked on deck before launch.

DCS: F/A-18C Raven One: Dominant Fury Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 05. Updated briefing (removed references to CAT 3 and 4).
    Reverted player to cold start (which solves the problems with lights on not being registered)
  • Mission 08. Fixed problem with wrong TOT for some flights.
  • Mission 09. Updated fuel level for the player (was 75% by default).
  • Mission 10. Minor updates in text / messages.
  • Mission 14. Fixed rare issue with mission failure if Clementine crashes after exiting the AO.
    Added safeguard for SA-6 site in case AI SEAD fails to destroy it

DCS: A-10C Iron Flag Part I Campaign by Baltic Dragon

  • Mission 06. Reduced amount of fuel in short (AAR) version.
    Changed wingman's formation to avoid him hitting the player when in observation position
  • Mission 08. Fixed bug with no comms after landing back at Nellis.

DCS: Fw 190 A-8 Horrido! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Bombers will be more willing to open fire

DCS: Spitfire Beware! Beware! Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Typo fixes
  • More bomber updates

DCS: F-14A Fear the Bones Campaign by Reflected Simulations

  • Workaround for the player's landing potentially damaging the carrier in mission 7

DCS: A-10C Operation Agile Spear Campaign by Combat King Simulations

  • All Mission: Options changed to allow Easy Comms, BDA, etc. in all missions if the player so chooses (DCS World Options > Gameplay > Easy Comm)
  • All Mission: Options changed to NOT allow ALL in F10 View Options (DCS World Options > Gameplay > F10 View Options). Naughty, naughty
  • Mission 0: Pig 2 will now go Trail when ordered. Pig confirms order to go Trail. Player is ordered to exit active on the left taxiways to meet Follow Me truck
  • Mission 3: AI aircraft dumbed down a bit and their ordnance limited for game enhancement

DCS: UH-1H “Worlds Apart - Spring 2025” Campaign

  • CMP File: Spelling errors corrected. French mission description added
  • Mission 1: Spelling errors corrected. Formation task disabled

F/A-18C Rise of the Persian Lion campaign by Badger633

  • Mission 6: all versions: Phantoms not engaging, fixed
  • Mission 7: Normal/EZ: Radio conflict with carrier fixed